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Monday, January 8, 2007

In the early part of the 20th century RMS Titanic was considered a pinnacle of naval architecture and technological achievement. On April 14, 1912, Titanic raced towards her fate, warnings of icebergs were ignored, because this was the age of the biggest and the very best that industrialization could build; proud and defiant, we were unsinkable. But on that fateful Sunday evening at 11.40 p.m. the Titanic struck an iceberg."Mother Nature threw a snowflake in our path which should have brought us back to reality".

The ship's bell sounded three times "...Iceberg, right ahead!" first officer Murdoch ordered an abrupt turn to port (left) and full speed astern, which reversed the engines driving the outer propellers (the turbine driving the center propeller was not reversible). This swung Titanic's stern away from the iceberg A collision was inevitable, and the ship's starboard (right) side brushed the iceberg. The watertight doors were shut as water started filling the five compartments - one more than Titanic could stay afloat with. This tipped the balance between staying afloat and sinking. After she impacted, some on-board believed there was no problem, just an iceberg; after all this was the mighty unsinkable Titanic, some returned to their beds, as others played with chunks of ice that were strewn on deck, but as the band played on in the year of our lord 1912, Two hours and 40 minutes later, Titanic unable to sustain her buoyancy, snapped in two, and descended to a watery grave.

The Titanic was off Newfoundland and in a time zone 3 hours earlier than GMT. This means it sank at 23:20 on April 14th if you were actually on the Titanic.

In the early part of 21th century the analogy has not been lost on me.

Then as now, we are driven by necessity, we forge ahead at lightning pace with little or no regard for the global environmental consequences.

Development for development sake is the modern day credo.

It is marked, that as we map the limits to the known universe. We have just begun to understand the limits of the planet; we rely on for the continued survival of all dependent species.

Whilst marveling at our ingenuity, we have taken our eye off the proverbial ball.

Our species ambition has outgrown its ability to sustain finite resource, which underpin humankind’s global dynamic endeavor.

For decades we ignored iceberg warnings, one of the first signs that all was not well with the global environmental ecosystem.

In recent decades glaciers worldwide have begun melting at rates that cannot be explained by historical trends, or computer-based climate models

Theirs scant and grudging global consensus regarding Humankind's carbon footprint, or that we have brought about a perceptible shift in the natural balance, which is the global ecosystem.

Our carbon footprint is exponential, and correlate's, to a rise in global ambient temperature’s that are keeping pace with our species developments and expansions worldwide.

It is important to understand and question with an open mind, the science on which much depends.

We are not exclusive, but an integral part of earths continuing development, and consequently within our finite resourced planet, subject too, Ecological change over time.

A new Global awareness, of adverse climatic events has called us to answer, fundamental questions, about the path we are on, and the part we must play in securing a sustainable future for all.

We have sacrificed the global environment on the altar of expediency, and now in the lifetime of our species we are facing adverse global climatic change.

Man made or not, it is prudent to take stock, and ask do we have control, and more importantly, did we ever have, control.

It is no coincidence that as the globalization of industrialized developments gathers pace fueled by unprecedented technological advances, adverse global climatic change, increase exponentially!

And with former stagnant developing countries coming on track, like China, India and Russia, this has exacerbated the situation further.

It is the historical innovative usage of the finite resource (petroleum) coupled with rapid population growth development and change in land usage that has brought this monumental problem to our door.

There is a clear correlation between exponential fossil fuel usage, and global carbon emission levels, which are a major adverse global climatic change, driving force.

Sadly, the very resource (petroleum) that fuels our global growth enhances the greenhouse effect, which exacerbates adverse global climate change. We are caught in a desperate loop, a user cycle.

Practically every aspect of our lives involves using resource that pollute. We are addicted to pollutants, like the smoker who has been told to quit the habit or it will be terminal, we promise, then relapse through lack of willpower, and clear understanding.

Alternative energy promotion; plus the introduction, of fuel efficient Eco-friendly hybrid automobiles; only scratch the surface of a deeper broader 150 year pollution trail, that Keelhauling our planets resource has left in it’s wake, like, Rapid population growth coupled with rapid global development, global land usage change, exponential fossil fuel usage, and aggressive adverse C o2 emission levels.

Radical global Climatic change is not new, geological samples taken globally, show major heating and cooling event cycle’s over time, the difference now, is that we are witnessing Accelerating adverse global climatic events in the life cycle of our species, that are not in line with historical trends or climate model projection’s.

Ill conceived Geo-engineering scheme’s, are akin to closing the door; after the horse has bolted. And will do little to stem the tide of the global adverse climate change tsunami, that is heading our way.

This is a big ship for turning, It took 150 years of unbridled resource usage, to over-heat our planets Eco-system; we cannot change direction with a quick tug on the wheel.

If we are to learn anything from “The sinking of the Titanic”, it is that, there is very little room for maneuvering error, on a vessel ,that has a protracted stopping distance.

If we listen to the scientist’s warnings, and take avoiding action now, it will allow a small window of opportunity for corrective contingency and implementation measures; that largely depend on a global response, for the right course of action to take in time, before any tipping point is reached.

If we ignore the warnings, then it is business as usual, there will be more Casualties, from ripple effect geopolitical turmoil, spawned by an increasingly unstable global Eco-system, which will continue to make corrective adaptive measures, as it strives to maintain global ambiance.

One of those adaptive measures could be earths natural response to a perceived global heating event, this could take the form of rapid global cooling as accelerated polar melt starts to influence the earths gulf stream, which is the earths major heat exchange mechanism, responsible for maintaining global ambient temperatures, that all dependent species, have enjoyed up till now.

We must not discount the planets ability for radical simpatico adaptation or second guess our earth’s superior Eco system which has survived for eons in hostile space environments. The part we play may be minuscule in comparison, however misguided in the extreme.

So as we approach crunch time, we look to the bridge for clear decisive action.

But no such action will be taken, because of radical uncertainty that permeates the whole debate on adverse global climatic change, at best there in no one on the bridge, and those that are raising the alarm are failing to relay damage assessment to a captain that is beset by problems, that makes those of a floundering ship seem trivial.

Burdened by the enormity of the task, we have fallen into a malaise, we wait for science to reconcile, but Asking for a global consensus of scientific opinion; is like asking for the world, it will take not only all our ingenuity, but a truly collective effort, equaled only by our willingness and resolve too engage in global conflict.

Radical c o 2 emission level reduction is the only game in town and must have a timescale that allows for Global adaptation, coupled with nuclear and inclusive renewable sustainable Solutions, that measure up to the extent of the problem.

There is an inexorable link between global Eco-equity and global financial equity.

It is clear there is a need to link global sustainable economies, with global Eco-sustainability.

Failure to coalesce, for the mitigation of global adverse climatic change, in the short term, will force the planet to make that decision for us, whatever action we take then, will ultimately benefit the planet.

Long live, the planet.

“Everything is ultimately achievable.

It depends on how much you want it.”

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